Sustainable Growth

Marketing, growth and conversion tools that help you expand your audience and turn it into predictable revenue.

Let's get it done. And done right.


Developing Brands

You have a killer message, a few, loyal followers, and a dream so big you're embarrassed to tell people about it.  Maybe you've even earned a couple bucks and secretly dream of being your own boss.  Here at IX, we can give you all the tools you need to turn that dream into some thing tangible.

Performance Marke

Performance Marketers

Because right now, you're leaving money on the table. You've got a solid funnel, but there aren't enough people in it. Your traffic is ducking out before they give you a chance.  

Our Widgely software makes them turn their head, let out a wolf whistle, and follow you to wherever you want to lead them (*ehem...* to a sale).


Industry Influencers

You have an audience.  You are profitable.  But you know it's not what it should be.  IX can help you maximize your earning potential by combining a growing audience, creating strategic marketing campaigns, and good, old fashioned, grit.