Performance Marketing Delivered

Tools & Services to Amplify Advanced Marketers

Strategic Content

Our process leverages technology and expertise to ensure your current and future content makes a more significant (and more profitable) impact.

Paid Media

We build, optimize, and scale thoughtfully crafted strategies and campaigns focused on performance across multiple paid media channels.

Web Development

I.T. and Product teams rely on our development resources for custom web application development and solving a variety of technical hurdles.

Demand Gen

Full-funnel strategy, deployment, and management to attract, capture, and nurture leads—filling the pipeline for any B2B demand gen operation.

Innovation Exchange is…

  • A lean team of entrepreneurs who approach every project with a holistic mindset of solving a problem in context of the organization’s goals.
  • Lead by performance marketers with deep expertise in traffic acquisition and creating web experiences that meet user objectives.
  • Backed by software developers who follow a user-focused, agile process to deliver projects on-time and correctly, the first time.
Strategic Content
Find quick wins within your existing content and build a strategic content plan that will grow your organic traffic.
Targeted Link Building
High authority and relevant links directed strategically to accelerate ranking results and increase domain authority.
Digital Strategy
Finding opportunities in all stages of your digital experience from traffic acquisition and conversion rate optimization to monetization. The right strategy will determine the right levers to pull to achieve high-level goals.
Paid Media Management
Custom strategies focus on performance. Our team will find the right traffic mix across Display, Video, Connected T.V., Native, Search, & Social.
Conversion Optimization
Structured page and site level tests with measurable results to improve on-site engagement, conversion rates, and overall user experience.
Funnel Design
Design and development of both segmented and integrated pages to support the customer journey. Leveraging content and on-page elements to lead users to desired outcomes.
Ecommerce Optimization
Ecomm success begins with a simple formula of increasing traffic, conversion rate, and cart value, then nurturing customers to ramp LTV.
If you're looking to promote high-volume campaigns, then leveraging the right DSP's and targeting can find new opportunities for scalable growth.

IX Results Process

We firmly believe that Analysis + Magic = Results

Holistic Strategy

With a well-rounded team of entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts, we analyze the goals and problems of your organization from a broad view and identify the right levers to move the needle.

Data Analysis

The numbers tell the story of where you've been and where you're going. We analyze what has worked and current performance to determine where we should go next together.

Marketing Leverage

The best tools and tactics are the lever, and our strategic plan provides the fulcrum from which we will grow the business. Understanding and deploying marketing leverage is our superpower.

Technology Platforms

Our team has the experience with the best-in-class 3rd party tools along with our proprietary in-house resources to help you design the ultimate end-to-end campaign tracking and optimization solution for your campaigns. Need something custom? We've got that covered as well.

Business Outcomes

No strategies or campaigns will endure without driving measurable business outcomes. We'll show you the money, and the numbers won't lie. The results are where holistic strategy comes full circle.

Performance Marketing Results

The IX Founders

Backed by a team of seasoned and dedicated marketers and developers

Andrew Pincock

Co-founder, Partner

Originally from Washington, D.C., Andrew spent time in Russia and France before settling in Utah.

After graduating from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Economics and Accounting, he spent the past 17 years in the internet industry with experience in online payments, web-based software applications, online media, consumer internet tools, search marketing, ad tech, and more.

Andrew has co-founded and held leadership roles in multiple startups, most recently exiting an Inc. 5000 lead generation and performance marketing business. 

On a personal level, he enjoys reading classics, psychology, and business books and trying to keep up with his 9 kids.

Nate Hall

Co-founder, Partner

Nate brings over a decade of performance marketing experience to the table. His specialties include large scale media buying and full-funnel optimization.

With deep technical roots, Nate has lead product development of several SaaS tools and manages IX’s in-house dev team. Through founding multiple software and marketing companies, Nate has extensive experience in go-to-market strategy and product launches.

Known for his passion, the IX team thrives on Nate’s determination, energy, and focus.

Nate is a Utah native and spends the early hours of the day trail running and evenings juggling 7 young children with his wife.

Nate Broughton

Co-founder, Partner

Like most people, I went to college thinking I’d figure out a career. But my classes were boring, and I needed to find a practical skill or way to make money. So I took a job with a little company run out of a guy’s basement. Strange, right? Well, it turned out to be a lucky break. That job taught me the powers of online marketing. Now, I’ve started and sold 4 companies. And I’ve become friends with entrepreneurs around the world.