How A Widgetly Client Generated An Extra $7,812 In 30 Days Without Increasing Their Advertising Budget

In this case study, we are going to cover how Widgetly helped one of our clients make an extra $7,812 in just ONE MONTH with site visitors that were already leaving his web page – and how you can re-create their success.

Finding the right tools to manage and track your ‘customer journey’ is just as important as finding the right offer, selecting the right media channels, and creating the perfect ad image or text.
Do you…
  • currently use paid advertising, SEO, or any other means to drive people to your website.
  • want to increase the number of leads or sales you are currently getting.
  • want to reduce your bounce rate and keep site visitors on your site longer.
  • want engage your site visitors and get them more excited about your product or content.

If you answered yes to any of the above situations, then continue reading to see how a small change to your web page can have a big impact on its success. This one tweak produced 204 EXTRA conversions in just ONE month!

The Run Down

Our client combined just two of our pop up features, notifications, and exit-intents, to make campaigns work in his favor, and take full advantage of each click they were getting to their site, to help combat the rising cost of advertising. They allowed us to share the actual stats from their campaign – just for you! By simply adding a snippet of code to their site, they took a failing campaign and made it profitable, which earned them an extra:

  • 35,246 clicks
  • 204 conversions
  • $7,812 in revenue

It’s important to note that he accomplished this without any additional ad spend. So, how did they do it? It was all about shifting their focus.

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Their Story

Before Widgetly, our client spent thousands of dollars and multiple months optimizing campaigns, testing several ad angles (with hundreds of ad combos), landing pages, and offers to find out what would convert best for them. After months of investing their time and money with very little success, they were scratching their heads trying to figure out how to turn a profit. While they were doing optimizations to their landing pages, they forgot about something fundamental – Visitor Retention.

Keeping site visitors on your site longer allows you to serve them additional content, other offers, special discounts, and more. Once our client started focusing more on the actual people that were coming to their site, they were able to come up with specific messages for each step within their funnel.
They were able to quickly test multiple angles on each page of their funnels, such as notifications that showed recent purchases and reviews for their different products. They tested various pop-up angles, which included exit-intent pop-ups, timed pop-ups, and page scroll pop-ups. Here are some sample pop-ups similar to what they used. (Understandably, they didn’t want to share all of their secrets!)

What they Used

Notification Pop-Ups

Our client loved the Notification widget options. They said that they were “a great way to showcase their customer reviews, show recent purchases, offer special discounts, and show other articles we knew our site visitors would be interested in.   With Widgetly, we were able to easily split test multiple angles to quickly find the right solution for each funnel page.”

Page Scroll, Exit-Intent & Timed Pop-Ups

Our clients quickly realized that just throwing an “Exit-Intent” pop up on their site wasn’t the right answer for most of their funnel pages, however, using page scroll and timed pop-ups gave them great results and helped to increase their CTR by almost 16%.

Campaign Details

  • Traffic Sources: Taboola,, Rev Content
  • Campaign Type: Anti-Aging Skincare Advertorial
  • Widget Tools Used: Native Ad Widget & Exit Intent Pop-Up
  • Duration: 30 days

As you can see from the numbers, they were barely breaking even; their campaign had a lower CTR and a high CPA. (They wanted me to note that their actual spend was less than $54,108, but in their tracking system, they like to over-estimate their costs. 😃 So consider yourself informed!)

As we look at the screenshot above, I would hope that these three things stick out from the “Pop Up” campaign…
1. The overall CTR is almost at 16% – And they had multiple widget angles that are close to 20%
2. The spend is $0 – Their only cost was the cost to use our platform.
3. They tracked an additional 204 conversions ($7,812) – Sales they received from visitors who clicked on their pop-ups.
These stats show that 153,223 visitors went to their site and over 150,000 who didn’t purchase anything. Our clients are now taking that on as a challenge to show each one of those site visitors better content, better discounts, proof that their product(s) are worth the price, and overall better value as a site and brand.
Now, we think that the most intriguing fact about this strategy is that it cost them almost nothing. It only costs some time to set up and learn our platform.  After that it was all testing. Since they made $7812 using Widgetly, we are confident that we added tremendous value to their funnel process.

Why Does It Work?

Thanks to the popularity of content ad networks like Taboola, Outbrain, and RevContent, website visitors are used to consuming the content of a page and then click on related topics from a panel of “Recommended Articles.” That conditioned response shows in the 16% CTR on the different pop-ups our client used in their testing, even though the articles and ads were still trying to similar and in some cases the same product (Just using a different angle).

Additionally, in Widgetly it is straightforward to look at the data provided in real-time, and control how the ads are rotating, by smoothly turning things on/off and by “weighting” the ads so that they show more or less often. This allowed them to quickly test multiple widget types, angles, images, and text all at the same time, on the same web page to see what performs the best.

Widgetly is Easy

The best part about Widgetly is the setup. It doesn’t require any advanced knowledge of coding. Widgetly provides you with a simple snippet of code that you place on your website. We have many different tutorials that will walk you through the simple process, so whether you are using a custom-built website, a WordPress theme, Clickfunnels, or anything else, you will be able to get our pixel installed quickly and easily. Once you have placed the code, you’re good to go. From there, you manage all of your widgets on our platform, which will help to save you a lot of time in the future.
We appreciate you taking the time to read through our case study, and again we want to thank our client for their trust in use and for sharing their results. Widgetly works people!
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